American Public Transportation Association

APTA publishes an annual Public Transportation Factbook, with statistics on ridership, rolling stock and infrastructure, modal use, employment, safety, funding, and expenses.

International Maritime Organization

The IMO is that part of the United Nations with responsibility to set standards for safety, security, and environmental performance.   They keep data related to country adherence to IMO protocols, as well as a variety of shipping statistics.    

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NHTSA maintains statistics on traffic fatalities, alcohol involvement, and pedestrian fatalities, by state. 

U.S. Department of Transportation Statistics

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics tracks major transportation modes such as auto, rail, airline, maritime, transit, and multimodal.  Subjects include safety, infrastructure, use, expenditures, and finance.  They also include geospatial files for mapping routes, bridges, and accidents, and maintain the National Transportation Atlas.

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