Publishing Tips for Journal Manuscripts

Appropriate Venue: Thoroughly review the last 2-3 years  of the prospective journal as an appropriate locus.

Citations: Show a knowledge of the discourse in the journal – new and older articles.

Alternatives: Consider several journals in your area of interest – not just the most prominent or highly ranked.

SSCI: This designation pertains only to a subset of journals; criteria are unclear.

Peer-Review?: True peer review is important and valuable. Do not misrepresent the nature of a publication.

Symposia: Editing a symposium or connecting with a symposium may facilitate publication.

Writing: Clear writing is often as important as content and analysis. Spelling and grammar count.

Proofing: For content as well as spelling and grammar.

Articles-by-Formula: Be wary of technical approaches that add little to
our insights.

Quant vs. Qual: Data without strong insights is of questionable value;
interviews and cases add depth.

Concurrent submissions: Not!

Addressing the Journal Editor(s): Be accurate; do not clip and paste from
previous correspondence with other journals

Advice: Ask the journal editors – they can be very helpful.

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