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The State and Local Government Internet directory provides convenient one-stop access to the websites of thousands of state agencies and city and county governments. Use the drop-down menus on the left to view directory pages for:

  • States: State Government Offices - View all the websites in a given state -- from a state's home page or governor's site to the smallest counties or townships.
  • Topics: The websites of state government constitutional officers, state legislatures, state judiciaries and departments across ALL states.


Book of the States. Council of State Governments. Annual.

Presents textual discussions of current issues. Directories are supplements. Suppl. 1 -

State Elective Officials and Legislatures. Suppl. 2 - State Legislative Leadership, Committees, and Staff. Suppl. 3 - State Administrative Officials Classified by Function. The CSG website has links to the official web pages of each state.


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Carroll’s County Directory. Harris, Lela, Washington, DC.: Carroll Publishing.


Each County Listing includes a personnel locator number, the population, county seat, main address, general fax number, county council members, chief elected officials and directors of major county departments. Special quick-finder listings including: relevant national associations, state associations of counties, associations of county officials, county government home pages, and ranking of counties by population. 50 state maps by county. A list of top 100 counties by population.


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Carroll’s Municipal Directory. Harris, Lela, Washington, DC.: Carroll Publishing.


Listings for cities with populations over 15,000 include personnel locator number, the population, county, main address, and general fax number, top elected officials, council or elected board members and staff of other major government units. Listings for cities with populations under 15,000 include population and the name, telephone number and address of the top official. Special quick reference listings including national city and town associations, state municipal associations, and the top 100 cities ranked by population and size. Alphabetical Listing of Executives includes phone numbers. Internet and e-mail addresses, where available. Geographical index by state.


Keywords: Carroll directory, municipal government


Carroll’s State Directory. Harris, Lela, Washington, DC.: Carroll Publishing.


Names, titles, addresses and individual phone numbers for over 42,000 contacts in state government including all key executive, legislative and judicial branch officials. Officers, committees, members and staff of state legislatures including over 7,000 legislators and key staff. Individual district and state capitol office addresses for all state legislators. Individual committee assignments for state legislators. 50 accurate and detailed Executive branch organization charts. Quick reference listings of governors, legislative sessions, and state offices in Washington, DC. Separate keyword index that arranges state agencies by 105 functions ranging from air pollution control to workers' compensation.


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CSG State Directory: Directory I: Elected Officials 2014. The Council of State Governments Lexington, Kentucky.


Contains contact information for the governor, secretary of state, attorney general, auditor and treasurer; state court of last resort judges (elected & appointed); state legislators who are serving as of January 2014; congressional members and government-related facts about each state.


Keywords: directory, state elected officials 2014


CSG State Directory: Directory II Legislative Leadership, Committees & Staff 2014. The Council of State Governments Lexington, Kentucky.


The Directory is divided into three sections: Selected Officers and Principal staff, listing the contact information, including email addresses, of the presidents house speakers, majority and minority leaders of both chambers, and the senate secretaries and house clerks; Selected Committees lists the contact information for the standing and joint committees of each legislative body by their primary category of legislative responsibility and Selected Legislative Functions lists contact information for selected agencies. Each section is arranged by state and jurisdiction.


Keywords: directory, staff committee, state legislative


CSG State Directory: Directory III Administrative Officials, 2014. The Council of State Governments Lexington, Kentucky.


Contains contact information about elected and appointed officials. The information is organized by function for each state or jurisdiction.


Keywords: directory, state administrative officials


Directory of Legislative Leaders. Kittredge, Sally, CO.: National Conference of State Legislatures.


NCSL is a forum for advancing ideas in your home state, across other states, and on

Capitol Hill; for promoting information-sharing, one-on-one and collectively; and for providing you with the knowledge and resources you need to get America's ideas working. The site also holds directory information of legislatures across the nation.


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Directory of Recognized Local Government. Washington, D.C.: International City Management Association, 1977.


This reference directory is maintained by Who's Who in Local Government Management, and includes listing from 1985- to date with lists of city and county governmental officials.


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Directory of Regional Councils. Nykwest, Beverly C., DC.: National Association of Regional Councils.


The National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) is the preeminent alliance for fostering regional cooperation and building regional communities. They advocate for regional approaches with federal and state governments; provide training and technical assistance on the latest regional developments; and conduct research on timely regional topics. The site maintains a directory of regional councils throughout the U.S.


Keywords: directory, regional councils


Moody’s Municipal and Government Manual. N.Y.: Moody’s Investor Service, Inc., 1989.



Updated by the semi-weekly: Moody's Municipal and Government. Listings of Federal government agencies, with descriptive information.


Keywords: directory, municipal government


Updated for 2014: the municipal government contact directory of cities, counties, and independent authorities. Leadership Directories, Inc.


Municipal Yellow Book contains a listing of cities, counties, and town elected officials.

Each listing contains office names with mailing addresses, names, job titles, fax number, email address and expiration date for the term office of the elected officials.


Keywords: cities, directory, municipal government


National Association of Counties-Members. DC.: National Association of Counties.


National Association of Counties-Members presents information on county seat, population, officials, etc.


Keywords: county government, directory


Directory II: Legislative Leadership, Committees & Staff, 2014. KY., Council of State Governments, 2014.


It's easy to find state officials and staff in CSG State Directories. With CSG State Directories you will have the latest information on newly elected officials.


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State Legislative Sourcebook: A Resource Guide to Legislative Information in the 50 States. Hellebust, Lynn, KS.: Government Research Service.


Whether you need to know how to get a copy of a bill, where to find a nuts-and-bolts description of a state legislative process, or where to locate a profile and photograph of a legislator, the State Legislative Sourcebook will provide the answer. For each state the Sourcebook identifies the directory, Internet site, handbooks, bill status telephone number, tracking services, bill rooms, bill mailing services, slip law sources, best initial contact... and on and on. The Sourcebook contains over 3,000 sources of information.


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NCSL's StateConnect Directory. National Conference of State Legislatures.


Contains links to every state homepage that contains directories of state agencies and elected officials.


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State and Local Government


Contains links to every state homepage that contains directories of state agencies and elected officials.


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State Yellow Book 2014. Leadership Directories, Inc.


Contains State-by-State listings, two lists, one for the Executive State Branch and one for the Judicial State Branch. Each listing contains information regarding elected officials, including names, phone numbers, addresses and web information, regarding: Office of the Governor, Office of the Lieutenant Governor, Office of the Secretary of State, Attorney General. There are also State-by-State listings of Agencies, including addresses, web information and contact names.


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