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Leadership Directories researches and provides profile and contact information for hundreds of thousands of decision-makers and organizations in the U.S. Our extensive content allows users to quickly and easily find, identify, and connect with selected individuals and target audiences


Carroll’s Federal Directory. Ruffin, Albert, Washington, DC: Carroll Publishing.



Carroll's Online provides the most timely, accurate and complete information to track and contact key decision makers in all levels of government. Carroll's Online allows you to browse and or search over 300,000 government employees and offices by organizational structure, name office, department of other selection criteria. Only Carroll's Directories include Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches in one online product, the most comprehensive available anywhere.


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Carroll’s Federal Regional Directory. Harris, Lela, Washington, DC: Carroll Publishing.

http://www.carrollpub.com/ (this site is accessible by client login/password only)

Information for over 28,000 non-Washington-based executives in Cabinet departments,

Congress, the courts, administrative agencies, and military bases. Time-saving geographical listings of major agency offices outside Washington, plus dozens of maps of agencies' jurisdictions. Special listings of the Federal Regional Depository Libraries and Federal Information Centers.


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Congressional Directory. Washington, DC.


Provides a congressional and agency directories.


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Congressional Directory. Washington, DC:: U.S. Government Printing Office.


The Congressional Directory is compiled under the direction of the Joint Committee on Printing. Subsequent to delivery of the printed 1997-1998 Congressional Directory, the Joint Committee on Printing established the practice of producing periodic online interim issues to ensure the public's economical access to current Congressional information. The frequency of these online revisions will be determined by the volume of changes submitted for incorporation. No printed counterpart will exist for these online publication revisions but when a new printed publication is required, the process will be greatly simplified due to the existence of the updated versions.


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Congressional Handbook. Schroeder, Gloria, Washington, DC.


Office of Membership Grassroots Management, Chamber of Commerce of the United States.


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Congressional Pictorial Directory. Nystrom. Duane, Washington, DC,: Superintendent of Documents (GPO).


The online directory provides a collection of pictures of the 105th congress as well as executive members and Senate officials. The pictures can be located by individual’s name or by state.


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Congressional Yellow Book Who’s Who in Congress, including Committees and Key Staff, 2002 Volume 28, Number2, Leadership Directories, Inc.


Contains a listing of Senate and House Leaders, leadership organizations and staff. Information includes member’s name and key staff aides, including contact, information.


Keywords: congress, congressional staff committees, directory


Diplomatic List (Blue List). Washington, DC: Department of State.


List by country of diplomats with diplomatic immunity.


Keywords: diplomat, directory


Directory of the United States Association of Former Members of Congress.

Washington, DC: United States Association of Former Members of Congress.


Provides a list of each member by house.


Keywords: congress, congressional member House, directory


Encyclopedia of Governmental Advisory Organizations (Federal). Batten, Donna,

MI. Gale Research.


This expanded 13th edition contains more than 7,000 entries describing the activities and personnel of groups and committees that function to advise the President of the United States and various departments and bureaus of the federal government, as well as detailed information about historically significant committees.


Keywords: committee, groups, encyclopedia, organizations, President


Federal Government Officials


A listing of Federal government officials.


Keywords: directory, Federal government, official


Federal Regulatory Directory. Washington, DC: Congressional Quarterly, Inc.



Annual listing of officers and history of regulatory agencies. Comprehensive guide to federal regulatory activities.


Keywords: directory, regulatory Federal government agencies


Federal Staff Directory. Walker, Wayne, VA Congressional Quarterly Staff Directories.


You will find contact information for senior officials in the Office of the President,

Office of the Vice President, Agencies of the Executive Office and Presidential Advisory Organizations. Listings include address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail and web addresses.

The Cabinet Departments. This section contains a wealth of information on each of the 14 departments of the federal government, from Agriculture to Veterans Affairs. You'll find phone, fax, e-mail and general information, personnel, public affairs and more, and each department's authority and responsibility. Presidential appointed positions are indicated. Independent and Quasi-Official Agencies. Arranged similarly to the cabinet departments, this section is a resourceful guide to more than 80 independent, quasi-official and non-government organizations ranging from the Environmental Protection Agency to the American Red Cross.


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Connects you to the ‘law crawler’ that outputs a listing of website directories for elected officials and agencies for each state and federal government.


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The premier Federal, state, and local government site on the internet.


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Judicial Staff Directory 


The National Courts. Judges and court staff contact data for the U.S. Supreme Court, Court of Federal Claims, Court of International Trade, U.S. Tax Court and other national courts.

Eleven Circuit Courts. Divided by circuit, each section contains judges and staff for the Court of Appeals, District Courts, Bankruptcy Courts, U.S. Attorneys and U.S. Marshals. Biographies. More than 1,900 in-depth biographies of federal judges and staff.

Profiles include notable cases/decisions, publications and awards.


Keywords: directory, government, judicial staff


Judicial Yellow Book: Who’s Who in Federal and State Courts. NY. Leadership Directories.


The Judicial Yellow Book covers both federal and higher state courts in one volume. It is unique in the depth of information it provides on each judge _ chambers. It lists the judge staff, including law clerks, with the law schools they attended, as well as detailed biographical information for each judge. All information in all listings in the Judicial Yellow Book is verified directly with each organization listed, making it the most accurate and reliable source of contact information for judges, judges' staff, and court staff in federal and state courts.


Keywords: directory, judicial courts, state, Federal


National Association of Manufacturers-Congress Directory. Work, Jane., Washington, DC: National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)


113th Congress Directory: First Session. This almost pocket-sized directory grants easy access to House and Senate members -- from A to Z. Regularly published for NAM members, publication gives: key staff contacts, committee assignments, state district information, local phone and fax numbers for each representative. It also includes protocol for correspondence and personal visits, selected federal agency information, useful websites and more.


Keywords: directory, Manufactures Congress Association


National Contact Center: Federal Telephone Directories.


For over 35 years, Americans have been contacting the Federal Information Center, now known as the FCIC National Contact Center (NCC), to get answers to their questions about their government. Initially, the telephone service was available only via local telephone numbers in key metropolitan areas. But since 1990, the NCC has responded to public inquiries via a nationwide toll-free telephone number, 1 (800) FED-INFO. The number is listed in more than 500 telephone directories around the country, serving the majority of the American public. The NCC responds to thousands of government information requests every business day, either providing the information directly or locating the source of assistance for the caller. The National Contact Center (NCC), operated under contract by Aspen Systems Corporation in Indianapolis, Indiana, has two main functions for the FCIC: responding to telephone and e-mail inquiries about Federal programs, benefits, and services, and processing telephone requests for consumer publications. Trained staff, fields the calls from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. eastern time, Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays. New in 2003, the NCC began accepting e-mail inquiries through our partners at FirstGov.gov. E-mail inquiries are answered within 2 business days. Recorded information on frequently requested subjects is available around the clock.


Keywords: Federal telephone directories


Politics in America 2014: The 113th Congress. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly Pr. 1981-. Biennal.


Now updated with complete information for the 113th Congress, Politics in America 2014 features objectively written, crisp profiles on every member of Congress. Each profile covers every member’s first few months in office, including his or her committee assignments and any major accomplishments in the legislative arena. Profiles of every member of Congress include: biographical data, committee assignments, election results and key votes; detailed description of each member’s congressional district, including updated maps, voting trends, and business and industry information; an analysis of each member’s legislative priorities, personal style, and achievements and much more! Some of the other features you’ll find in Politics in America 2014 include: Member name pronunciation guide; Governors’ and lieutenant governors’ data; State votes for president; State demographics; Major employers in each of the districts; and Member name index.


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SearchGov.com provides convenient one-stop access to executive, independent, state and local agencies.


Keywords: directory, executive, independent, state and local agencies


Senators of the 113th Congress


The Senators page on Statistics & Lists is a great resource for information about current and former Senators. Statistics are available on a variety of topics, including biographical characteristics and Senate service records.


Keywords: directory, senators of the 108 congress


State and Local Government on the Net: A Directory of Official State, County, and

City Government Websites.


The State and Local Government on the Net Directory provides convenient one-stop access to the websites of thousands of state agencies and city and county governments.

Only pages that are controlled and managed by state and local government agencies are included.


Keywords: directory, official state, county, and city government


The Federal Internet Source. Levin, Jayne, Washington, DC: National Journal Inc.


The Federal Technology Source is a directory of most important people and organizations in the federal technology community. Published each May, the Source lists key technology personnel in the federal government and Washington corporations, as well as key news media contacts


Keywords: directory, Federal government, technology


The United States Government Manual. Washington, D.C.: Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Service, General Service Administration, 1981/82. Annual.


Provides information on the agencies of the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of the Federal government. Also includes details about: boards; commissions; committees; and quasi-official agencies and organizations in which the United States participates. Each agency entry contains: a summary of the agency's purpose and general role; a description of its programs and activities; names and titles of major officials; and a list of sources of information. Many entries also provide organization charts. Contains a section on terminated or transferred agencies.


Keywords: directory, Federal agencies, executive, legislative, judicial manual


United States Congress Directory. CA. Capitol Enquiry.


100 U.S. Senators and 435 U.S. Representatives. Photos, key staff members and committee memberships. Washington and district office addresses and phone numbers. Senate and House committee and subcommittee memberships. Committee staff and phone numbers. President's cabinet and key staff members. White House staff. Key federal agencies with phone numbers.


Keywords: congress, directory, staff committee


US Federal Agencies Directory


A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies.


Keywords: directory, Federal agencies, US government


United States House of Representatives Telephone Directory. Washington, DC.: Clerk

of the House, United States House of Representatives.


At this site, you can obtain copies of House documents, including public disclosure forms, made available by the Clerk as part of his official duties. You can also find historical information about the House of Representatives and information about its Members and Committees.


Keywords: Federal agencies legislative telephone directory


Washington Information Directory. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly, Inc.,

1975- Annual.


Washington Information Directory is the one resource you can trust to navigate the complicate web of official Washington. The book is your one-stop source for the right information. This essential reference is updated every year with hundreds of new listings.


Keywords: directory information, Washington Federal agencies


Washington Representatives.


Washington Representatives is the preeminent source for information on the individuals and firms in the Washington, DC area who engage in federal lobbying and government relations.


Keywords: directory, Federal agencies, Washington representatives


Who’s Who in Congress. Washington, DC.: Congressional Quarterly.




CQ's handy pocket guide to the Congress gives you the facts behind the faces of our nation's lawmakers.


Keywords: congress, directory, Washington representatives


Who’s Who in the Federal Executive Branch. 


Who's Who in the Federal Executive Branch puts at your fingertips the names, titles, and phone numbers of thousands of executive branch officials, including career employees and political appointees.


Keywords: directory, Washington representatives, Federal executive branch


Worldwide Government Directory. McCuley, Sheila, Rhoades., GA.: MacFarlane &

Co., Inc.


Published for more than 24 years, there is no substitute for the Worldwide Government Directory, which allows users to identify and reach 32,000 elected and appointed officials in 201 countries, plus the European Union.Extensive coverage that includes over 1,800 pages of executive, legislative and political branches; heads of state, ministers, deputies, secretaries and spokespersons as well as state agencies, diplomats and senior level defense officials. It also covers the leadership of more than 100 international organizations.


Keywords: directory, worldwide government

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